Jose Mourinho starts off the season with his first pokes at Wenger and Pellegrini

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(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)


(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Before the first kick of the Premier League season, Jose Mourinho has gotten things off to a proper start by taking his first jabs at two of his favorite targets: Arsene Wenger and Manuel Pellegrini. When brought up during his Friday press conference, Mourinho bemoaned the fact that the pressure is on his Chelsea team after they failed to win a trophy in his first season back with the club.

From the Guardian:

“Why?” he asked before adding: “Some they have 10 years to win something, I have only two.”

This, of course, is a reference to Arsene Wenger, whom Mourinho labeled a "specialist in failure" last season, going nearly 10 years without a trophy at Arsenal before winning the FA Cup back in May. It was a subtle dig by Mourinho's standards, but a dig nonetheless.

As for Pellegrini, who led Man City to their second Premier League title over three years in his first season with the club, Mourinho is now implying that he's profiting from the labor of others.

Mourinho explained away his own lack of trophies last season by repeating that he returned to London when Chelsea werein transition. He claimed that the success that he has achieved in his career has come despite a tendency to take on such difficult assignments and contrasted his desire for challenging jobs with the opportunism of managers who accept positions where they can “collect the fruit off [others’] trees”. Manchester City had finished top of the league under Roberto Mancini in 2012, and then second only on goal difference in 2013 before Pellegrini led them back to the top last season.

“I’m not a very intelligent guy to choose teams,” said Mourinho. “I like to work. I like to build. I don’t like easy jobs. I don’t like to get clubs worked by other managers before me. I don’t like to arrive on time to collect the fruits off their trees.”

Breath it in, folks. The Premier League is back.

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