Jose Mourinho responds to ‘Google’ critics who bash Real Madrid’s style

Real Madrid celebrated their record 32nd La Liga title at Cibeles a day after beating Athletic Bilbao to seal the title and two weeks after finally beating Barcelona in a league match under Jose Mourinho. Madrid also set a new La Liga record for goals scored in a season (115). Given all that, Mourinho decided to take the opportunity to respond to critics who say his team plays too defensive and describe his style as "anti-football" compared to Barcelona's tiki-taka approach.

Said Mourinho to Portuguese TV station SIC (via Sky Sports):

"My team played some of the best football in history.

"But there are some luminaries who believe that only one type of football exists on earth. But these people only know football through Google. They swallow knowledge, but know nothing."

Boom, roasted.

Could this be the birth of a new subdivision of undesirable football fans? There's the prawn-sandwich brigade, the glory hunters and now...the Googlers.