Jose Mourinho praises his own ability to grow hair

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Jose Mourinho doesn't call himself The Special One/The Only One/The Happy One for nothing. The man has many extraordinary talents. For example, he has the magical ability to grow hair. Take this moment to gasp in awe and wonder.

Mourinho emerged from the international break with his gray locks buzzed down, giving him a more militant look. And at his press conference ahead of Chelsea's Champions League match against Basel, one journalist asked the most important question that can be asked: "Why did you cut your hair, guy?" The answer involved Fernando Torres' clippers and a warning to Mrs. Mourinho.

From PA Sport:

Asked why he cut his hair, Mourinho said: "Some people can't do what I did. In a couple of months I'll have hair again. Some other people cannot do it.

"I decided to do it. I asked Fernando to give me his machine and I did it myself in front of the mirror. It's nice and cheap."

"Mrs Mourinho, I sent a picture before I arrived at home to see if I could go in... Yes, no problem."

Some people can't grow hair, but Jose Mourinho can. This is most definitely a thinly veiled shot at Rafa Benitez on two different levels. 1) Rafa is obviously a bit more follicaly challenged than Jose. And 2) Mourinho is rubbing it in that he and Torres, who Benitez managed at both Liverpool and Chelsea, are now buzz-cut buddies.

Deal with it, Rafa.

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