Jose Mourinho to let Real Madrid fans jeer him alone before Atletico match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Eleven points behind Barcelona and sitting third in the table, Real Madrid fan opinion on Jose Mourinho has once again split. Recent matches at the Bernabeu have had dueling sections of jeers and defiant chants of his name, but now Mourinho has scheduled a showdown between himself and the club's supporters before Saturday's derby against second-place Atletico.

From Reuters:

"They applaud me, they whistle me, that's life in football," Mourinho said at a news conference on Friday when asked about the reaction of the fans. "I'll go out onto the pitch tomorrow at 9.20 p.m. on my own," he added.

"Those who want to whistle me they can do it. People who come later should support their team, support their Real Madrid so that Real Madrid can achieve its objective which is to win the match.

"It's not a challenge of any kind. If they want to whistle I'll accept it with humility, and with calm as well because I have been around for many years."

By "accept it with humility," Mourinho of course means that he will bring all the trophies he's won in his career onto the pitch and laugh while polishing them as they whistle. In other words, this will probably be worth paying to see even more than the derby itself.

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