Jose Mourinho laughs about beating Spurs to Willian deal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Spurs thought they had Brazilian midfielder Willian all wrapped as the latest member of Gareth Bale replacement squad after luring him away from Liverpool. He underwent his medical with the club, but then a well-placed call from Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to Russian billionaire buddy and Anzhi owner Suleyman Kerimov had the two sides agreeing to terms behind Tottenham's back and allowed Willian to run into the arms of the London club currently in the Champions League. The BBC reports the deal is worth £30 million and an untold amount of pleasure for Jose Mourinho as he messes with former protege and failed ex-Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas.

But with the deal still awaiting an official announcement, Mourinho's Friday press conference allowed him to waltz around the subject, dropping life lessons on his former friend and even having a laugh at his expense.

When asked if he thinks Willian has chosen Chelsea in the video above, Mourinho confidently nodded like a mob boss mindful of voice recordings being asked if he's the most powerful man in the city.

"I don't like to speak before time because football can betray you," Mourniho said, having orchestrated such a football betrayal. And then, the overwhelming pleasure with himself became too much and he just couldn't keep a straight face any longer. From Reuters:

"That's the danger of medicals before contracts," Mourinho said having seemingly got one over his former protege and current Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas, with whom he worked Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan

"The best thing to do is do the medical in secret."

When asked if the deal was close, Mourinho joked: "We have to do a medical."

Mourinho makes himself giggle around 4:07 into the video below.

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