Jose Mourinho hates his social life

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

You might think that a man who believes he should be called "The Only One" would enjoy receiving special treatment when he walks the streets, but in the case of Jose Mourinho you would apparently be wrong. The Real Madrid manager says he is unhappy with his social life and no, it's not because Zidane forgot to invite him to his last murder mystery dinner party.

From the Independent:

"If I could be a manager, a football manager, and the moment I leave the club or the moment the match finished, if I could switch off a light and become a person that nobody knows, I would do it," he said [to CNN].

"Because I hate my social life. I hate my social life. I hate not to be a normal father who goes with his son to the son's football match and being there with the other 20 fathers watching the match.

"I am in a football match of kids 10-12 years old and I have to be there, the people have to come for photos, the people have to come for autographs, the people have to come to insult me, the people have to go behind the goal of my kid and insult my kid of 12 years old."

That would be difficult to deal with for anyone, especially seeing your kids have to deal with it too. But on the plus side, being who he is means that he can blow his whistle and have Pepe obliterate these insult hurlers at any moment.

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