Jose Mourinho gets mixed farewell at his final Real Madrid match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Jose Mourinho won his final match with Real Madrid, beating Osasuna 4-2 to a mixed reception at the Bernabeu. With his final act of vengeance against Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas coming in the form of leaving him out of the squad completely and starting fourth-choice keeper Jesus Fernandez from the B team, Mourinho waited until the last possible moment to emerge from the tunnel before the match.

When he did reveal himself, the referee had to momentarily halt play just after the opening kickoff because Mourinho was being hounded by a swarm of photographers on the touchline.

As it has been through much of his reign at the club, the home fans were split in how they wanted to say goodbye to Mourinho. The ultras, who enjoyed Mourinho's combative style, led with cheers and thanks, while many others booed and said good riddance. This, of course, being just seven months and zero added trophies since Mourinho told unhappy fans that he would appear on the pitch, alone, 40 minutes before a match so they could jeer only him and not the team.

Sign reads: "Thanks Mourinho for not being manipulated by the press, you have defended Real Madrid club, some players didn't behave. Go Madrid"

Mourinho was rather subdued and seemed upset to be leaving with anything but unconditional love, as he's had at his previous clubs. But those are the kinds of feelings that drive Mourinho, so it will be interesting to see how he harnesses them when he returns to his own personal love-in at Chelsea.

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