Jose Mourinho endures the misery of being right

Jose Mourinho endures the misery of being right

For months Jose Mourinho has been giving himself two options: either wrong and successful or right and not so much. With Chelsea bouncing around the top of the table in his first season back with the club after a six-year absence, Mourinho has said they have no chance of winning the Premier League title this year in every combination of words possible. The most popular of which was when he described Chelsea as a little horse that needs milk.

All of this has been consistently written off as mind games, which it most certainly is. Mourinho has been trying to ingrain himself in a win-win situation: either being wrong about Chelsea as a non-contender and collecting a winner's medal or right about it and being able to say "I told you so!" when everyone asks why they didn't lift the trophy. The only problem is that instead of being wrong and happy, right now he's looking right and miserable. Confusing? Well, that probably suits him too.

Chelsea have now lost three of their last five matches, including both the Premier League and Champions League. Infuriating losses to Aston Villa and Crystal Palace have dropped them from first to second in the table (with third-place Man City having two games in hand) and a 3-1 loss to PSG in the Champions League quarterfinals puts them at a significant disadvantage going into the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

The problems are obvious. As Mourinho has repeatedly said (even when he thought he was off the record), scoring goals is hard for Chelsea and the main problem is the strikers. As it turns out, he wasn't exaggerating. He started the PSG match without any real strikers since Samuel Eto'o is injured and when he finally brought on Fernando Torres in the 59th minute, PSG scored two more goals and Chelsea finished the match without a single shot on a target after Eden Hazard's 27th-minute penalty.

It's gotten to the point where just talking about Fernando Torres makes Mourinho's face go full De Niro.

So Mourinho is being proven right and he's definitely not happy about it. But all is not lost for Chelsea just yet. With six matches remaining the league title is still far from decided and being 3-1 down after the first leg of a Champions League knockout tie actually led to their greatest success in the tournament in 2012.

While everyone always wants to be right, in this instance Mourinho would be much, much happier if he were proven wrong.


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