Jose Mourinho disrespected with only one street to be named after him in his hometown

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following Real Madrid's 3-1 win against Barcelon at the Camp Nou in the second leg of the Copa del Rey semifinal, Jose Mourinho's hometown of Setubal, Portugal has unanimously voted to name a street after him. This might seem like a nice gesture, but given Mourinho's unprecedented success in four different leagues across Europe, he clearly deserves to have the whole continent named after him. Or, at the very least, the entire town of Setubal itself.

From Reuters:

The Setubal town hall said in a statement it had made the decision because of Mourinho's "extraordinary role in international sport".

"He is, in all fairness, one of the coaches in the world with the most prestige and qualification."

The exact street or avenue has not yet been chosen but the town hall's general assembly voted unanimously to approve the naming.

After Mourinho declared that he should be called "The Only One" since he is the only manager to win titles in three of Europe's top leagues, his street should be called "The Only Way." Anyway, that's all fine and good, but here's how the Reuters report ends:

Setubal, located just south-east of Lisbon across the Tagus, is a former industrial hub that has become one of Portugal's most impoverished and unemployment-stricken cities.

How depressing is that? If any town needs to be named after Jose Mourinho, it's this one. Call it Jose City and watch the jobs come flooding in. They could base the town's whole economy around providing Chelsea with a steady stream of managers.

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