Jose Mourinho congratulates himself on The FA’s 150th anniversary

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The FA is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year and to honor the occasion, Jose Mourinho recorded a video message for their official YouTube channel. In the video, an oddly sedate Mourinho rambles on with congratulations and praise for the world's oldest football association. The best part, however, comes about 40 seconds into the clip when he says, "I feel also that I should congratulate myself about your 150 years because, as everybody knows, I am completely in love with the game and a person in love with the game must be in love with the English FA. Congratulations."

Yes, the man who dubbed himself "The Special One" when he first arrived in the Premier League as Chelsea manager and "The Only One" after he become the first manager to win domestic league titles in four of the top leagues in Europe, found a way to make the FA's anniversary about himself.

From there, Mourinho went on wax poetic about his memories of winning the FA Cup and how it represents "the good smell of football" before concluding by once again proclaiming his desire to return to the Premier League (which he has done on a biweekly basis since leaving Chelsea in 2007). "I know that one day I will come back because English football means a lot to myself," he calmly says. Consider this a warning. Another warning.

Here is the new 150th anniversary FA logo mosaic, which doesn't appear to include Mourinho...

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