John Terry gets nutmegged by his son, then does it right back

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Strolling to a 3-1 win over Manchester United left Chelsea in high spirits, so after the match, John Terry played around on the pitch at Stamford Bridge with his kids, Georgie and Summer. All three members of the Terry family were decked out in their full No. 26 Chelsea kits, with John wearing sandals instead of boots.

Georgie decided to take advantage of his father's poor choice in footwear by putting the ball right between his legs. But in the interest of letting the kid get too cocky, dad gave Georgie a taste of his own medicine by doing the same to him.

Elsewhere in John Terry post-match antics, the Chelsea captain served as interpreter when Geoff Shreeves interviewed French speaking man of the match Samuel Eto'o...

According to French journalist Philippe Auclair, Terry actually did get part of his translation somewhat right.

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