John Barnes will rap for you on demand

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When Batman is needed to uphold justice and suppress evil in Gotham, the Bat symbol is shone into the sky to bring him into action. Similarly, when former Liverpool and England winger John Barnes is needed to lift the nation's spirits with an impromptu rap performance, he will fulfil his civic duty whenever a phone is pointed at him and someone asks him nicely.

While on vacation in Dubai this week, Barnes very kindly granted the wish of a fan by performing his rap from one of the best football-themed songs ever created, 'World in Motion' by New Order. It may have been 24 years since he first laid down his rhymes on the 1990 World Cup anthem, but hthe 50-year-old has clearly still got it. What a chap.

Here's the original, featuring Barnes' magnum opus at the [2.30] mark...

If you are unfamiliar with Barnes' musical oeuvre, then please enjoy the 'Anfield Rap,' which spurred Liverpool to lose the 1988 FA Cup Final to massive underdogs Wimbledon...

H/T: Daily Mail

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