Joey Barton reminds Zlatan Ibrahimovic that he has a big nose

Dirty Tackle

Joey Barton took time out of his busy schedule of defaming people on Twitter to participate in this week's second edition of Le Classique, the derby between Paris Saint-Germain and Marseille.

Much was made of the English midfield battle between David Beckham and Barton before the Coupe de la Ligue match started, but our favorite pacifist philosopher actually got on the wrong side of Zlatan Ibrahimovic instead.

After losing out in a header to Ibra—who is six inches taller and has the power of a thousand dragons being ridden by an army of Jason Stathams swinging Thor-style hammers—Barton reminded him that he has a big ol' toucan beak on his face. Which is a bit mean.

Oversized schnozzle aside, Zlatan scored both goals on the evening, making it three against Marseille this week.

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