Joey Barton has a French accent now

Dirty Tackle

Joey Barton has already made his mark on Marseille by scoring directly from a corner in the Euopa League, and now it appears Marseille has made its mark on him.

Despite living in France for less than two months, the Liverpudlian ingratiated himself to his adopted homeland by putting on a French accent in a presser following his league debut for the Ligue 1 side.

It ees remarkably similar to ze manner in which Steve McClaren adopted Dutch intonations when 'e joined FC Twente, non?

Of course, being an erudite media-savvy hipster who is far too intelligent for the beautiful game, Barton has already responded to his Gallic enunciation on Twitter:

With all this accent fun, it's easy to miss the fact that Barton dismisses Ligue 1 as "boring" during the presser. That's probably not the best way to win over a room full of French football journalists.

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