Joey Barton denies Senderos’ filthy accusation

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fulham defender Philippe Senderos made his appearance on ESPN's Talk of the Terrace a memorable one by stating that, "With Joey Barton you know what to expect. He's going to come strong in the tackle and he's going to come in your face." This started a gigglefest and Senderos realized that he chose his words about as poorly as he possibly could.

Well, Bolton midfielder Stu Holden took to Twitter to ask Barton if it was true, to which Joey responded:

So there you have it. Barton admits that he does have a history of dirtiness, but even he has his limits. It seems someone else has been coming in Philippe Senderos' face then. Maybe he's confusing Joey for Alan Smith?

And yes, the fact that this follows the post about Philipp Lahm's sexuality is purely coincidental.

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