Jimmy Bullard in music videos and trying to play pro golf after being forced to retire from football

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Former Wigan and Fulham midfielder and all-around fun guy Jimmy Bullard was forced to retire at the age of 34 due to knee injuries back in October. An abrupt departure from the game can be a difficult thing for a person who has devoted their life to football, but Bullard has quickly filled his time with other interesting endeavors like starring in music videos and making a run at becoming a pro golfer.

Above is Bullard's two-role performance in the enjoyable video for Gorgeous George's "John Wayne Enterprises." In it, Bullard plays the titular nefarious builder as well as the man in a cowboy hat and stick-on mustache bent on making him pay for his misdeeds.

Being a music video actor isn't a full-time gig, though. And athlete like Bullard needs an outlet for his competitive spirit. So he's trying to turn his hobby of playing golf into something more and so far he's done well to reach the final stage of PGA EuroPro Tour (the third tier of professional golf) Qualifying School after shooting 75-76 in the two rounds of local qualifying.

Bullard told Golf Monthly:

"It was a little bit into the unknown for me. It was a different pressure, but I really enjoyed it. I couldn't sleep last night, I just wanted to get out there again.

"I have enjoyed it so much and it has given me a bit of direction in my life. I finished playing football in late October and coming out of a sport you have played for 15 years, it goes stone dead and it is quite a surreal feeling.

"I had quite a weird feeling going on in myself, and golf has got me out of trouble a little bit."

Good luck to Jimmy on getting that tour card. But if that doesn't work out, he can always resume his career as the greatest shampoo pitchman ever...

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