Jens Lehmann labels Bundesliga the ‘Boredom League’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Former Germany goalkeeper Jens Lehmann doesn't think Pep Guardiola will have much trouble in his first Bundesliga season with treble-winners Bayern Munich. Though one of Lehmann's old clubs, Borussia Dortmund, reached the Champions League final along with Bayern, Lehmann (and just about everyone else) thinks the club that won the Bundesliga by a 20-point margin last season will stroll to another title.


"The 'Boredom League' will be rather one-sided in the upcoming season," the former Germany international is quoted as saying by Bild. "Guardiola will take his place in the Bundesliga in conditions similar to those he enjoyed in Spain.

"[Bayern and Barcelona] are two financially very, very successful teams. The rest are so far behind. No challenge will come from elsewhere [for Bayern]. The only challenge will come in the Champions League, or maybe the Club World Cup."

When you're looking to the Club World Cup as one of the only chances for a challenge, you know something's gone wrong. Maybe Bayern should consider giving every other Bundesliga club a 15-point head start next season just to make things interesting.

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