Jay-Z went to the Arsenal-Man United match with Coldplay’s Chris Martin

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Perhaps eager to join the chorus of boos for Robin van Persie upon his return to Emirates Stadium, Jay-Z was in attendance for Arsenal's 1-1 draw against Manchester United along with friend, collaborator and Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin.

Jay-Z, a part owner of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets until he recently started his own sports management agency, previously attended Man City's match against Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium in 2010 as a guest of City. He later clarified his allegiances to Arsenal Magazine:

“After that game the press started reporting that I was a Manchester City fan, I am really glad all that has been cleared up and that everybody in the UK knows that I am an Arsenal fan.

“I will come to Emirates soon that's for sure. I love London as a city, it’s just finding time when I am over here for a few days to come and watch a game. I will find time soon, I will make sure of it.”

And three years later, he did.

Jay also explained how he first became an Arsenal supporter.

“It was about five years ago now,” explains the ten-time Grammy Award winner. “When Thierry Henry was at the club I saw him play and I just thought he was an amazing player, ever since then I have been a big fan of the club, following you guys and still today you play the beautiful football that Thierry did, I think he had a real long term effect on the team."

“I love all sports, but what I really love is when people play sport in a beautiful way, and that's one thing Arsenal do for sure."

So now that Jay-Z has finally made it to the Emirates, he really should go watch Martin's favorite club, League Two side Exeter City.

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