Jamie O’Hara says life was easier when he earned £100 a week, invokes Twitter fury

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Jamie O'Hara longs for the time when he didn't get paid millions to do this (Getty)
Jamie O'Hara longs for the time when he didn't get paid millions to do this (Getty)

Life is tough for Jamie O'Hara.

Having recovered from a hernia operation, the 26-year-old midfielder has got to start going to work every day for the first time since August.

Now, he'll get up at the crack of 9 a.m. and drive one of his sports cars to the Wolverhampton Wanderers training ground. After kicking a ball around for an hour or two, he then has to return to his luxury home to be greeted by his former Miss Great Britain wife and two children, before settling down for a nap or an Xbox session. Even worse, with full fitness approaching, he might have to start working on weekends for a few hours in a stadium full of adoring fans.

All this effort for just £35,000 ($56,105 USD) a week. Yeesh.

Faced with this arduous lifestyle for the foreseeable future, O'Hara took to Twitter on Wednesday to express his longing for the days when he was a precocious 17-year-old on the Youth Training Scheme, barely earning enough to feed himself:

Understandably, his tweet evoked near-Twitter-meltdown, with followers failing to grasp why a man with money, fame, a Playboy model wife and a dream job would yearn for a time when he had none of those enviable assets. But rather than delete the tweet or explain the #stress of his privilege, O'Hara continued by ranting further and retweeting some classy charity-related humble brags:

Of course, O'Hara may have perfectly valid reasons for feeling burdened by his current situation -- a notorious rapper once proclaimed that mo' money is always proceeded by mo' problems -- but surely he must have known that airing that kind of sentiment to thousands of followers who wish they had his lifestyle would be perceived as a little insensitive and ungrateful.

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