Jamaica’s strategy when playing at home: ‘We get opponents high and then we try to beat them’

The U.S. will play Jamaica in a World Cup qualifier at the National Stadium in Kingston on Friday -- a place known to opponents as The Office since "no one wants to go to the office." But as Tropigol.com explains, this isn't your typical office (unless you work at High Times magazine):

That atmosphere can be a bit intimidating and quite unique for international sports since there's the pungent scent of marijuana that has been known to permeate from the crowd. During the 2001 World Cup qualifiers, U.S. players said they could smell the drug as a cloud of smoke hovered over the crowd on a sunny Saturday June afternoon.

"They say when they come there, they smell marijuana," [Jamaican midfielder Dane] Richards said.

Then the Vancouver Whitecaps midfielder jokingly added: "We get them high and then we try to beat them. It's a really good atmosphere."

At some national stadiums, players have to worry about the altitude, at others it's flares or bags of urine, but if you're going to lose because of the local atmosphere, this sounds like the most enjoyable.

Coming off wins in friendlies at Italy and Mexico already this year, U.S. manager Juergen Klinsmann has proven that he prepares his team well for away games, though. And by including Kyle Beckerman aka Ras Trent in his squad, this trip to Jamaica seems no different. Beckerman's hair will suck up all the weed fumes within a 30-mile radius and the rest of the team will be able to play with clear minds and without feeling a powerful lust for Funyuns until well after the final whistle. Tactics at its highest level (pun shamefully intended).

Thanks to Kristian Dyer for the tip!

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