Jack Wilshere too scared to ask for Messi's shirt, sends Cesc to do it

Brooks Peck

Though Jack Wilshere performance in Arsenal's 2-1 first leg win over Barcelona on Wednesday has journalists pleasuring themselves to the thought of him, the 19-year-old Man of the Match apparently got cold feet when it came to the post-match shirt exchange. Cesc Fabregas called him out on Twitter for being too afraid to ask Lionel Messi for his shirt, to which Jack replied [sic'd]:

you are the skipper mate you should look after your players ;) Thanks though and next time in going after your mate iniesta!

I like to think he's not talking about shirts there and instead proclaiming his intention to severely injure Andres Iniesta with a savage tackle at the Camp Nou.

Anyway, Wilshere not only got Messi's shirt after the match, but another goodie, as well. And he posted a picture of his treasures on Twitter! Of course.

That's Jack and his father holding up Messi and Xavi's shirts. Not a bad haul.

One day, when the public turns on Wilshere after he's caught cheating on his future wife with Wayne Bridge's future ex, we'll look back on this moment of adorable child-like embarrassment fondly.

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