Jack Wilshere makes £3,000 bet with Spurs fans on Twitter

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Jack Wilshere

Nothing ever goes wrong when professional footballers start gambling, which is why Arsenal star Jack Wilshere has goaded Spurs fans on his Twitter feed with a £3,000 who-will-finish-higher wager.

After last night's match against an utterly feckless Aston Villa side, Tottenham sit in third place with a game in hand. Like most Spurs fans, Harry Redknapp is elated by his side's current form, going as far as to to tell the press that Tottenham are good enough to be crowned the undisputed winners of football for the rest of time. Arsenal, however, are also enjoying some white-hot form, and they're not about to roll over and let their fierce North London rivals finish ahead of them in the league for the first time since the 1989/90 season.

Wilshere's bet has been praised by manager Arsene Wenger, who admires the competitive spirit of a player who hasn't had any impact on the current season: "[The bet shows] that we are ready for a challenge and the charity will get some money," he told the official Arsenal site.

In addition to showing his charitable side, the 19-year-old midfielder has also been using his Twitter feed to showcase his collection of pictures of teammates when they were children...

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Image: @JackWilshere

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