Jack Rodwell changed his car, house and his pillows to overcome hamstring injuries

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Jack Rodwell only made 17 appearances for Everton last season due to hamstring troubles that also kept him out of Euro 2012 and the Olympics, yet Man City paid £12 million for the 21-year-old midfielder in August. This season, the problems have persisted, but after changing his car, house and his pillows he's finally healthy.

From the Telegraph:

“I had a low sports car,” Rodwell said. “That wasn’t necessarily the reason [for the injury], but it was a factor. I also changed my pillows and moved a bit closer to Manchester as well because I didn’t want to be sat in the same position [driving] for an hour a day.

“I tried everything because it means that much to me, but I’m finally over the line I think."

Rodwell now drives an SUV, lives closer to the office and presumably started using actual pillows instead of rocks from the bottom of a river. Sometimes footballers make sacrifices too.

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