Italy wants sanctions against Spain, Croatia for fans jeering its anthem

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Euro 2012 has already had significant problems with racism, fan violence and even illegal underpants ads, but now Italy says it will file a complaint with UEFA over another grand disgrace: anthem booing.

From Football Italia:

"I will tell the FIGC to ask UEFA for significant sanctions against these fans who jeer the Italian anthem," said CONI (Italian Olympic Committee) President GianniPetrucci.

"It's the second time this has happened after the opening match against Spain. We cannot continue like this."

Italy's 1-1 draw against Croatia was twice held up when Croatian fans threw flares onto the pitch, which is a bit more likely to earn a punishment from UEFA. There were also reports that like the Spanish, Croatian fans subjected Mario Balotelli to monkey chants every time he touched the ball. Italian officials, meanwhile, have been quiet on their own fans who decided to "support" Balotelli by attending the match in blackface...

Ugliness and misguided attempts at support aside, there was at least one instance of beauty in the Italy-Croatia match. I humbly present vintage Andrea Pirlo: (gif here).

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