Italy train inside a sauna to prepare for the humidity in Brazil

Italy train inside a sauna to prepare for the humidity in Brazil

Italy's first match of the 2014 World Cup will be against England in the city of Manaus — right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. So to prepare for the humidity and the inevitable comments of "It's like a sauna out here!" Italy have already begun training inside an actual sauna.

From Football Italia:

“We are working in a sauna which is helping us prepare for the Manaus temperatures,” Immobile said at a Press conference.

“We have done a day and a half at high intensity and we are preparing very well for the World Cup. We want to go there with maximum desire and intensity.

“What happens in the sauna? Nothing strange! We are doing specific training in order to help us acclimatise.”

This training likely consisted of practicing common phrases such as, "It's the humidity that gets ya," and "Is it normal to see Francesco Totti as an angel when you're dehydrated?"

After Manaus, Italy will play matches against Costa Rica and Uruguay in the coastal cities of Recife and Natal, respectively. Surely the beach training will be far more enjoyable than inside the sauna.

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