In Italy, footballers hug ball boys (who happen to be their sons) rather than kick them

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The working relationship between footballers and ball boys was damaged last month when Chelsea's Eden Hazard tried to kick the ball out from under a time-wasting Swansea ball boy. It was an ugly incident for both sides, but in Italy, these situations are apparently avoided by employing the sons of footballers as ball boys.

This was the case for Cagliari's match against Torino on Sunday, where Caglairi midfielder Daniele Conti's son served as a ball boy. After Conti scored with an excellent header in the 75th minute to equalize at 2-2, he ran to the other end of the pitch to hug his ball boy son and melt away some of the unsavory memories of the Hazard incident.

The tender moment was just the beginning Conti would generate. Torino made it 3-3 in the 92nd minute despite having two men sent off just before stoppage time. Conti then scored a winner in the fourth minute of injury time with a deflected shot.

Here's Conti's first goal of the day, which is worth watching...

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