Inter manager Walter Mazzarri is so frustrated that he's picking up water bottles with his teeth

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Inter followed up a 2-1 loss against Atalanta last weekend with a 0-0 draw against Udinese — and it was a very frustrating 0-0 draw filled with squandered chances at that. So frustrating, in fact, that it drove Inter manager Walter Mazzarri to bite a water bottle.

By the second half, Mazzarri couldn't take it anymore. He had just watched a Walter Samuel header go wide, so he reacted the only way he could: by picking a water bottle off the ground with his teeth, holding it there for half a second and then letting it drop back down as if to say, "I give up on life as a human. I will now be a golden retriever."

When another header went over the crossbar moments later, Mazzarri spiked his bottle on the ground Arsene Wenger style, but he did it so perfectly that it bounced right back at him so he could catch it for an added flourish.

Mazzarri's next opportunity to show off his crabby bottle tricks when Inter visit Livorno on Monday.

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