Injured player picked up in motorized wheelbarrow in Romanian fourth division, hijinks ensue

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

You probably don't think of the Romanian fourth division as a place where innovative football technology is born, but it is. During a match between Timisul Urseni and SS Politehnica Timisoara in front of 400 fans, an injured played was picked up in a motorized wheelbarrow. The speedy (for a wheelbarrow) vehicle is the invention of an Urseni villager according to Romania's ProSport and it turned what could've been a boring stoppage of play into a crowd pleasing spectacle.

After zipping onto the pitch, the injured player was helped into the wheelbarrow (with an grandmother carrying water close behind) and transported back towards the touchline. Reenergized by the cheers for the noisy wheelbarrow, the injured player decided to stand up as it made its way back to the touchline. His hurt leg might not have been ready to support his weight in a moving wheelbarrow just yet though, and he fell off. Politehnica Timisoara went on to win 9-0.

All in all, the Romanian fourth division looks awesome.

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