Independiente fans throw chairs, a table at club president during meeting

Independiente president Javier Cantero was forced to flee the stage in the middle of speaking to supporters at the club's basketball arena when a group of fans rushed the stage throwing chairs and other objects. This comes less than two weeks after the record seven-time Copa Libertadores champions were relegated from the Primera Division for the first time in club history. At the time, supporters put on display — singing and cheering the players despite their own sadness and tears. But now the sentiment has apparently turned to anger, at least for the ultras (surprise!).


Cantero was due to speak with supporters for the first time since the club suffered relegation from the Argentine Primera Division, but was subjected to jeers and chants as he entered the room, with some fans throwing plastic bottles and even a pair of shoes in his direction.

After speaking for a few minutes, Barra Brava hooligans entered and began to throw chairs at the podium where he was seated, forcing security to escort him from the building.

As you can see in the video above, the barra brava charged the stage like early morning shoppers invading a holiday sale. Not only did they fling chairs, but one guy even grabbed a wood table from the stage and tried to throw that, too. Making the incident even uglier was the fact that it wasn't just Cantero on the stage. Sitting behind him were elderly men and women who couldn't get away quick enough.

According to the Buenos Aires Herald, "A huge flag with the inscription 'Cantero resign' was deployed outside, while the police attempted to contain about 150 hooligans that gathered up close the main entry of the club."

To the surprise of the barra brava, throwing tables and chairs at the club's president did not magically unrelegate the team.