Ibrahimovic has finally moved on from Pique

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Gerard Pique began publicly sucking face with Shakira, many people wondered how former teammate and the other half of the tenderest moment ever captured on film, Zlatan Ibrahimovic felt about it. Meanwhile, Ibra was off in Milan, alone, and venting his frustrations by kicking his teammates on a regular basis.

Well, as Sport points out, Zlatan has finally found a new teammate who can help him forget about Pique and Shakira and the depravity between Xavi, Cesc Fabregas and Carles Puyol's plaid shorts. Like Pique, Ignazio Abate is a 24-year-old defender and he, uh, really seems to be making Ibrahimovic happy. Maybe now he'll stop kicking people.


And, yes, there does seem to be a theme developing today.

Photos: Sport, Getty

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