Ibrahimovic celebrated Scudetto by kicking Cassano in the head

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With eight league titles in the last eight seasons as a member of five clubs in three different countries (though the two with Juventus were later stripped due to the Calciopoli scandal), Zlatan Ibrahimovic has proven himself to be a consistent winner. But if there's one thing he does even more consistently than win league titles, it's kick his teammates.

Amidst the celebrations that followed Milan's Scudetto ensuring 0-0 draw against Roma on Saturday, Zlatan delivered a kick to the back of Antonio Cassano's head while he was giving an interview. Cassano didn't seem to find it quite as funny as Zlatan did. This does explain the ice pack Antonio held on his during part of his unhinged partying, though.

So if you're trying to keep track of Ibra's violent hijinks, it started with him kicking Rodney Strasser in the back, then he tried to kick the ball out of Robinho's shirt during a goal celebration, then he got in a training ground fight with Oguchi Onyewu, then he kicked Swedish teammate Christian Wilhelmsson. Now this.

Surely his teammates are happier that the season is almost over and they will get some time away from the constant threat of getting kicked by Zlatan than they are about the Scudetto.

Video of Ibra kicking Cassano right this way...


Photos via Sportbladet

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