Hull City’s Jake Livermore celebrates goal by breaking £6,000 camera, promises to pay it back

Jake Livermore scored for Hull City in the 28th minute of their 1-1 draw with West Brom. As he celebrated, he ran through the cameras set up behind the goal and knocked one over with his foot. This would prove to be an expensive goal celebration.

Richard Heathcote, the photographer the broken camera belonged to, tweeted a photo of it addressed to Livermore's account and asked where he should send the bill.

In a subsequent tweet, Heathcote noted that the camera was worth £6,000.

Well, the 24-year-old midfielder on loan from Spurs saw Heathcote's tweets and responded with an apology and an offer to pay for the damage, as well as a pledge to donate a matching amount to teammate Tom Huddlestone's campaign to raise money for Cancer Research UK by refusing to cut his hair until he scores a goal (it's at 14 months and counting).

Heathcote also said that Hull City contacted him to make amends, so it seems this bad day at the office will have a happy ending.