Huddersfield's Adam Clayton dyes his massive beard in club colors for charity

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle
(PA images)


(PA images)

Huddersfield Town midfielder Adam Clayton (no, not the bassist for U2) has been growing his beard out since the middle of the season to benefit the club's charitable foundation and it has achieved a combination of size and bushiness that would put pirates and Santa Claus to shame. Clayton vowed that he would get rid of the beard after his last home game of the season, so he decided to give it a grand finale.

On his Twitter page earlier this week, Clayton said that if he could raise an extra £185 to reach an even £1,000, he would dye the beard blue and white for Saturday's match against Leicester. This was apparently a call to action that fans couldn't resist because as of this writing he's up to £1,714.

With the goal surpassed, Clayton had to get down to the business of coloring his beard. And putting the white in was a challenge that called for desperate measures.

But in the end, he got the job done and the result was a stripey beard that matched his shirt. Somehow Clayton's ridiculous beard hasn't helped the club on the pitch, though. They lost 2-0 to Leicester. On the plus side, Clayton will finally get some "attention" from his girlfriend Amanda once it's gone.

From the Huddersfield Daily Examiner:

“Amanda doesn’t like it and hasn’t been near me for three months so I think it’s time for the beard to go. I need some attention from her!”

Here's what the beard looked like before it became a clown's head...

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