Houston Dynamo's Omar Cummings demonstrates how a terrible cross can be better than a shot on goal

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Sometimes things go so wrong that the result is absurdly good. Houston Dynamo's Omar Cummings experienced this phenomenon late in his side's match against the Philadelphia Union.

Already up 1-0, Houston's counter attack set up Cummings in wide open space. But instead of taking a shot on goal, Cummings selflessly attempted a terrible cross that went right to the feet of the nearest defender, Ray Gaddis. Instead of being a lowlight for Cummings, though, it ended up being one for Gaddis. The ball deflected off his feet and bounced into his own net behind third-choice, first-year keeper Andre Blake, who was making his first appearance of his professional career.

The own goal gave Houston a 2-0 win, but Cummings didn't celebrate it. And Gaddis' expression was that of a man who just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for 1,000 years.


It's safe to say that none of the parties involved in this goal will ever want to speak of it again.

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