Hope Solo naked and watering the lawn in ESPN The Nudie Magazine

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

A clothes-free Hope Solo is on one of four covers for ESPN The Magazine's annual "People Still Buy Magazines if They Show Naked People, Right?" issue. I'm not exactly sure what her pose is called, but it looks like it could get her the lead role in a sequel to "The Next Karate Kid" (the Hilary Swank one).

[See more photos of Hope Solo in action and clothes!]

The issue includes a variety of both female and male athletes in action poses, but it also features Hope longingly watering someone's grass (while naked, of course)...


And somewhere, C.J. Sapong is hyperventilating.

You can see a behind the scenes video of Hope's photo shoot here (along with one more picture from her set).

Photos: ESPN The Magazine/Luis Sanchis

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