Hope Solo accidentally tweets her phone number, claims it was a joke on all of us

Dirty Tackle

That little cell phone right there in your hand can get you into all kinds of trouble, and it doesn't much matter how famous you might be. Wednesday afternoon, Hope Solo was apparently trying to either text or direct-message a friend, and ended up tweeting out what appeared to be her new cell phone number to her 660,000-plus followers. Whoops.

Solo quickly deleted the tweet, which had been meant for "gooch," likely referring to USMNT defender Oguchi Onyewu. She then followed the deletion with a couple of rationalizations:

And, later ...

(For the record, when Yahoo! Sports called the number, it went to the voicemail of a salon stylist. OR DID IT...?)

Naturally, this captured the attention of Solo's fans, who responded in kind:

Noted Twitter aficionado The Iron Sheik even chimed in, though his response isn't quite the kind of line we can print on a family website. (NSFW for suggestive language.) And the Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson got in on the act, tweeting his number and asking everyone to call him.

Celebrities and cell phones. They're always money.

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