Honduran journalist calls Steven Gerrard 'Mr. Frank' during press conference

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle



England manager Roy Hodgson and captain Steven Gerrard met with the press ahead of their friendly against Honduras in Miami and one Honduran reporter politely (but incorrectly) addressed Gerrard as Mr. Frank. Hodgson then corrected the man and everyone in the room had a good laugh about it.

Perhaps the confusion stemmed from the fact that Frank Lampard captained England's previous match and sat in on the press conference because of that. Or maybe the journalist just feels Gerrard is a very direct and sincere person.

Respectful confusion aside, England endured another training session in the south Florida heat on Friday, but while Wayne Rooney sprayed himself in the face, Hodgson was the king of cool in his CSI: Miami shades.

Rumors I just started that he is now asking players to call him "Magnum Roy" remain unconfirmed.

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