Home fans boo Arsenal, New York win Emirates Cup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Losing a trophy (albeit a meaningless one) you've won three of the previous four years and getting booed by your home fans is not the most desirable way to start a new season, but we're talking about Arsenal here and this is what happens to them these days.

The New York Red Bulls, led by one of Arsenal's own legends in Thierry Henry, lifted the cup after a 1-1 draw against their hosts on a rare trip to Europe for an MLS side. They won on points (four from two matches) with PSG finishing second, Arsenal third and Boca Juniors fourth. Of course, with differences in schedules, the Red Bulls were in midseason form while the likes of Arsenal are still gaining fitness.

And just in case you're starting to think this tournament was anymore than a tiny step about complete farce, after the match Henry expressed his disgust in the "stupid rules" cited by the referee when he and Arsene Wenger asked if he could play the final minutes of the match for Arsenal. Highlights, including the Arsenal own goal that gave New York an equalizer, right this way...


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