Hiroshima’s 75-yard lob was followed by a terrific goal celebration

Yokohama's J-League visit to Hiroshima this last weekend was only six minutes old when Hiroshima's Toshihiro Aoyama picked up the ball in his own half and decided the time was right to make a 75-yard attempt at goal. The audacious strike paid off, and the icing was laid on the long-range-shot cake when Aoyama bowled his teammates over with a superb orchestrated celebration. It would have been nice if he had nailed the strike, but full credit to Aoyama for picking up a very difficult 7-10 split.

Despite being humiliated with a cocky goal and showboating celebration in the first six minutes, visitors Yokohama had the last laugh by eventually winning the game 3-1.

H/T 101GG