Here's the most astounding overhead backheel goal you'll ever see, courtesy of the Jordan Pro League

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Wonder goals can come from just about anywhere at any time and the Jordan Pro League proved that. In the 52nd minute of a match between Al Ramtha and Al Wahdat, the visiting side's Syrian striker Motaz Salhani scored the only goal of the match in absolutely stunning fashion. While Salhani charged towards the box, one of his teammates delivered a long pass behind him, so Salhani flicked his leg back and connected with the ball. This alone was pretty impressive, since he was running full speed and didn't break stride to execute his backheel overhead kick.

But the truly unbelievable part was that the ball arched high over the goalkeeper's head and landed softly inside the goal. The commentator went berserk and the goalkeeper could only hold up his arms in disbelief as Salhani and his teammates celebrated.

Other players have scored overhead backheel goals — Zlatan Ibrahimovic won praise for his variation earlier in the season — but few, if any, have combined the speed and distance of this one.

The 28-year-old Salhani, who has never appeared at the international level, just joined 12-time Jordan League winners Al Wahdat in January. This was his first goal for the club.

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