Blackburn manager storms out of Christmas party after wig and stocking stunts

Dirty Tackle

"Leave me alone," screamed Berg as he moonwalked away from the smooth Blackburn criminals (Getty/Yahoo! composite)

With just one win in their last nine league matches, Blackburn are languishing in fifteenth place in the Championship, some 13 points from the coveted automatic promotion spots.

Rather than do the fashionable thing and cancel the Christmas party, however, the Lancashire club's 200 staff celebrated the festive season at a suite at Ewood Park.

During the event, famously humorless manager Henning Berg was asked by a club executive to get up on stage and have some 'fun'. But apparently the Norwegian lost his temper when the DJ asked him to dance, wear a Christmas stocking and put on a Michael Jackson wig. The Telegraph reports:

Berg, initially, joined in the festivities after the DJ invited Berg on stage where he was asked to wear a Christmas stocking before being invited to dance.

However, when the [Michael] Jackson wig came out Berg is said to have flipped before ripping the stocking off and storming off the stage and out of the party.

If Berg was to be embarrassed to the point of anger by something, one would expect it to be his side's form, rather than the antics of a cheesy DJ. Perhaps he should have stuck with his initial analysis of the Blackburn manager's job after all.

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