HBO's John Oliver hilariously sums up FIFA's corruption and his conflicted feelings for the World Cup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the World Cup nearly here, a wider audience that is perhaps unfamiliar with FIFA's horribleness and the ethical conflict surrounding the tournament will be exposed to the constant grumblings of discontent in the media and the streets of Brazil. Comedian John Oliver — formerly of The Daily Show and now with his own similar program on HBO called Last Week Tonight — provided an excellent and hilarious overview of the situation on his show Sunday that neatly sums up the situation.

You might wonder how he can fill 13 minutes on just this subject alone, but he really just scrapes the surface of what Oliver calls a "comically grotesque organization." He compares the learning of their inner workings to watching Two Girls One Cup. And it only gets better/worse from there.

Since you've got nothing important to do until Brazil v Croatia kicks off on Thursday, take the time to watch this even if you're already intimately familiar with FIFA's terribleness.

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