Harry Redknapp thinks the Champions League is overrated

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Despite finishing fourth in the Premier League, Spurs had their return to the Champions League taken away when sixth-place Chelsea beat Bayern Munich on penalties in the Champions League final. You might think that this would be painful for the club and manager Harry Redknapp, but it just so happens ol' 'Arry has decided the competition he was overjoyed to qualifying for two years ago is no longer that big a deal.

From Sky Sports:

"I think it's overrated what people say about Champions League football and whatever," he told Sky Sports News.

"People would have still gone to Chelsea if they hadn't won the Champions League this year because they know it's a club that's looking to get into the Champions League positions next year.

"They pay fantastic money. If you pay players enough money and you give them good enough contracts and you show that you're ambitious, they'll come to your club."

Psst -- saying that the Champions League is overrated probably isn't the best way to show that you're ambitious, Harry. Also, players would have gone to Chelsea not because they won this year, but because "they know it's a club that's looking to get into the Champions League positions next year." That stand of logic will make your nose bleed.

"Champions League football, because you don't make it one year - it's one year. I think that's an excuse for players who want to leave and get better contracts elsewhere. I don't see that as a real problem.

"I think if the contract's right and they earn enough money, Premier League football is big enough."

As clubs in China, the middle east and the Americas have proven, a big wad of cash go a long way in making certain talented players (usually older ones) forget their desire to compete against the best in Europe, but Redknapp might have just produced the Premier League's new tag line in his nonsensical ramblings. "Premier League football...eh, it's big enough."