Harry Redknapp attempts yoga, fails

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Harry Redknapp tries yoga
Harry Redknapp tries yoga

Ryan Giggs has extolled the virtues of yoga for many years, and it has kept him in the limber and flexible shape that allows him to perform the physical activity for which he is famous (it also helps him play football! Right? Am I right?!). Spurs keeper Brad Freidel also swears by the ancient Indian discipline, bringing his instructor to training once a week. Seeing the effect it has had on the 40 year old, Harry Redknapp has introduced yoga and Pilates sessions for the entire squad, and being a man who leads by example, he recently joined in. Things didn't go quite as planned, though:

"I don't know what I was doing but it wasn't very good. The teacher tried to get my leg up and I couldn't do it.

"So she lifted it and I felt my back go. I had sciatica for the next three nights, so I went missing when they did it this week."

You have to respect the 64-year-old gaffer giving it a go in front of his entire squad, but the mental image of an old-school-no-nonsense chap like Redknapp attempting yoga is too ridiculous not to chuckle at. It's like picturing Neil Warnock throwing some shapes at Zumba or Arsene Wenger donning a leotard to hit up his local Jazzercise class. Actually, don't picture that last one...

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