Hans-Jorg Butt: The goal-scoring goalkeeper

Brooks Peck

Delightfully named Bayern Munich goalkeeper Hans-Jorg Butt made his Juventus counterpart, Gianluigi Buffon, look silly when he stepped up to take a penalty kick in the German side's 4-1 thrashing of their hosts. At the time, Bayern were losing 1-0 and as strange as it may seem, the decision to let Butt take the penalty was a calculated one.

Butt used to take penalty kicks all the time for former club Hamburger SV, scoring as many as nine goals in one season(!), all from penalties. So he's got the chops, and wow did he school Buffon with his hurry-up-and-stop method today. No matter how proven the guy is from the penalty spot, it still has to sting extra to be scored on by the opposing keeper if you're Buffon.

Hans-Jorg Butt doesn't care about Buffon's feelings, though. For he is the goal-scoring goalkeeper. Whose last name happens to mean "goal" in French (well, minus a "t").

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