Gus Poyet finds out he’s been sacked by Brighton on live TV

Brooks Peck
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While serving as an in-studio pundit for the BBC's live Confederations Cup coverage, Brighton manager Gus Poyet was informed by the show's producers that the club had released a statement on their official website announcing the termination of his contract. Poyet had been suspended by Brighton since he sent out a scolding email in the wake of a bizarre incident in which feces were smeared in Crystal Palace's dressing room before the second leg of last season's Championship playoff semifinal.

Here's the statement that was published on Brighton's official website, which is referenced in the video above:

Gus Poyet has been informed today by Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club's internal disciplinary panel that his employment has been terminated with immediate effect.

This followed his suspension, an investigation, and a subsequent formal disciplinary process. In line with the club's own procedures, and UK employment law, Mr Poyet now has a right of appeal. As such, the club will make no further comment on this matter or recent LMA statements at this time.

Given the close proximity of the new season, the club will, in conjunction with its board, now seek to appoint an interim manager pending the outcome of a possible appeal. The interim manager will oversee the initial weeks of pre-season preparation alongside the club's existing staff.

Contrary to the very first sentence of that statement, Poyet said he was not informed of his dismissal until BBC producers printed it off the website and showed it to him on the set. He also said he will appeal the decision.

Though the situation was a bit awkward, Poyet didn't shy away from discussing the news as it was unceremoniously dumped on him and even noted what a great television moment it was for the BBC. Clearly if this management business doesn't work out, he's got a future in television. Maybe as a guest on the Jeremy Kyle Show.

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