Gunnersaurus mocks the act of not shaking John Terry’s hand

Both Wayne Bridge and Anton Ferdinand have passive-aggressively shown their displeasure with John Terry by skipping him in the pre-match handshake line when playing against Chelsea and before the European champions beat Arsenal 2-1, Gunnersaurus showed just how silly that is.

From the Guardian:

[T]he Arsenal mascot Gunnersaurus extended his paw to Terry as the teams lined up before the game and then, as Terry went to shake it, pulled it back in, leaving Terry's hand dangling in the air — although Gunnersaurus had shaken Terry's hand earlier, when Chelsea arrived.

By giving Terry a probably sweaty, two-handed shake earlier in the day (pictured above), Gunnersaurus made it clear that he didn't have a problem with Terry -- or at least no more than most people. But by employing a prank reminiscent of what a young Chelsea mascot famously did to Steven Gerrard several years ago (video below), Gunnersaurus showed that refusing a handshake before a football match instead of expressing oneself and settling differences with words is only befitting children and people in dinosaur costumes.