Guillaume Hoarau will let Zlatan Ibrahimovic have the PSG No. 9 shirt on one condition

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined PSG last week, he wasn't automatically given the No. 9 shirt because it currently belongs to Guillaume Hoarau. The Frenchman has been with PSG since 2008 and has scored 52 goals in 145 appearances, so he's staked a rightful claim to the number and isn't prepared to just hand it over to Zlatan the conquerer without making him do a little work for it.

Hoarau told L'Equipe TV (via France Football):

"If he asks me in French, yes (I will give him the number 9), it is the condition," he replied, smiling.

Of course, Zlatan is a man of many languages, so learning how to ask for his shirt number shouldn't be difficult for him. But this is still a dangerous game for Hoarau to be playing. When Zlatan starts kicking his PSG teammates, Hoarau will likely be first in line.

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