Great, now there’s a psychic chimp

This chimp may or may not know your destiny

It's not often that one gets to use the phrase "jumping on the psychic animal bandwagon" but several zoos and pet owners have been exploiting their animals for publicity using their beloved creatures to predict the outcome of World Cup games.

After the raging successes of Paul the octopus, and the significantly less impressive success of Mani the parakeet, an Estonian zoo has put Pino the soothsaying chimpanzee to the test for Sunday's World Cup final. AFP reports:

Pino, who has been in Tallinn since his transfer from the Amsterdam zoo in 1994, was offered two paper bags containing snacks, each decorated with a Dutch or Spanish flag.

He instantly picked the Netherlands' red, white and blue over Spain's yellow and red.

Tallinn zoo owners are concerned for the accuracy of Pino's prediction, not because he's a primate with no knowledge of football or experience of predicting things, but because he was born in the Dutch capital. (Such a bias, of course, didn't stop English-born octopus Paul from predicting/causing The Three Lions' downfall.)

And just when you thought a prognosticating animal from the land, air and sea was enough, Tallinn Zoo also tested the predictive skills of Apfelsin, their African Red River Hog. He picked the Dutch, but his impartiality and the general pointlessness of the exercise have been thrown into question as his name translates to ‘Orange' in Estonian.

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