Grandmothers rejoice as Adidas, Nike release knitted football boots

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Both Adidas and Nike have looked to the world's old age homes for the latest in football boot technology, resulting in their own respective knitted designs.

Following the success of knitted running shoes, Adidas has unveiled the Samba Primeknit boot, which will be worn by Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. The shoe's upper is made entirely from one yarn instead of the usual 15 upper pieces stitched or laminated together. According to Adidas, the result is a shoe that "fits like a sock" and "follows the exact shape of the foot" to improve ball control.

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To prevent the limited edition Primeknit, which goes on sale March 17 for £220 ($367), from retaining water like knitted mittens during a snowball fight, the yarn is coated in a liquid polymer. This should also keep cats at bay.

Meanwhile, Nike isn't quite ready to unveil their knitted release — the Magista — just yet. But they have put out a teaser video with the shoes pixelated as if they were in the witness protection program.

If you can't afford either of these, just ask your local certified grandmother. She will probably be able to whip you up a pair by the end of the day and throw in a few plastic containers of food as a bonus.

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